This is our first Christmas 'letter' in several years. Things simply got too busy for us and we fell behind on many things, including some, such as our Christmas letter, which are very important to us. We are trying to re-balance a little, but life continues to be extremely busy.

Thankfully, this past year was another year of good health for the direct members of our family. We continue our lives in France (Kevin, Kate, Alexandre, and Andreas) while Nick continues his life in Kingston and Katie continues at Stanford. We were able to travel to visit both Nick and Katie multiple times this year. Sadly, one of those visits was to say 'good-bye' to Helen who passed away in September, 2015.

Kevin continues his work at INSEAD and with a few private clients, while Kate's entrepreneurial ventures continue to build while she also manages her role as Treasurer of the Anglophone Section (the school where our kids attend) and her involvement in the school musicals and her Glee Club in addition to her own singing in the local choir.

The kids also had some important milestones. Nick has begun to collect exotic animals and is considering the conversion of this activity from "hobby" to "profession." Among the many acquisitions are a collection of lizards, snakes, fish, and a very cute bunny. Katie is in her third ("junior") year at Stanford and is majoring in Science, Technology and Society. Having worked during the summer on a research project on campus (how and when children learn to distinguish concepts of inclusion ("and") from exclusion ("or")), she is considering alternative job options for summer 2016. Alexandre has started lycée in Fontainebleau and is excited about pursuing studies in mathematics and physics while he continues to sing and performs in local choirs, glee club and school musicals. Andreas continues in collège and serves as the early-riser for the household. Sadly, he no longer needs to get up to feed Neo, who died in May 2015 from cancer. We are all missing Neo, but perhaps Andreas is missing him the most as Neo counted upon Andreas to feed him every day, as well as take him for runs every weekend with his Dad.

On the travel front, we managed the usual trips as well as a few new ones. In January, Kevin took his TGM executive group to San Francisco/Palo Alto for two weeks, and was able to spend lots of time with Katie there, as well as to meet several Silicon Valley founders/entrepreneurs. One of those he met was Marc Tarpenning, a co-founder of Tesla. While this was a great experience, it (un)fortunately led to Kevin eventually purchasing a stunning new Tesla P85D in the summer 2015.

Other travel included a visit to Kingston by Kevin in February to see Nick (during the visit, the local temperatures dipped below -20°C!). Kevin did a variety of other trips to Leicester, London, Bulgaria, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dusseldorf, and South Africa, among other places. The family did an excellent adventure with Paris and Penny in France and Spain, visiting the caves of ancient humans and the beautiful city of Barcelona among other highlights. We also spent time in our apartment in La Plagne to ski and kick off 2015, and again visited La Plagne in the summer before heading to Canada. After our wonderful summer vacation in Canada in the summer, the family then did a great vacation in Romania, visiting Bucharest and Transylvania in October. We finished the year with a trip to Canada, where we were joined by Katie, and spent time with Nick and 92 other family members and friends over a 2-week period (Kate kept track of the number of people we saw)!

As we enter 2016, we look forward to spending more good times with friends and family. Our plans to spend 2 weeks with Kevin's Dad in Feburary, mostly at our apartment in the French Alps for skiing and snowboarding, as well as a planned cruise from Southampton to Oslo in April with Kate's parents, in addition to trips to the Alps and Greece and Canada for the summer, are sure to be highlights of 2016!

Warmest regards for the new year,
Kevin, Kate, Nicolas, Katie, Alexandre and Andreas